Just a Pup

by The Very Most

It's a cold, cold snap And I'm feeling everything Just a bit more acute Just a bit more wholeheartedly. There's an empty chair at my show the other day. And I'm reading a book with the epilogue halfway in. I know middle age gets pushed out eternally I read somewhere online 65's somehow 40. But it's not, that's wrong, 'cause I feel it coming on. But I know I'd be fine if I could just check in with her. Because you couldn't tell what age she was. Because she did she wanted to do. And she was happiest when others were. And she only slept five hours a night. This song's the opposite of John Lennon's. You know the first on Plastic Ono Band. What she did for me prepared me for Something as deeply wrong as her being gone. She'd say, "You're just a pup." And I'd believe her, 'cause she's my mom.
I contractually agree to never speak above a whisper. And I, of my own free will and choice, give up everything that's worth freely choosing at all. It's the best deal I could get. At least they let me keep my mobile. They told me that now I can't get sick. I like that, 'cause being sick is no fun anyway. I love the free market at work. A rising tide will do whatever. We cannot send our kids to school, but Ms. Rand is smiling down on us 'cause we're so free. No one should force us to be a half-billion-man charity. That's so wrong! Those European commies with pensions and with paid vacations. They'll never know the singular joy of suffering for pure, untainted righteous liberty.
When will you know when you will know when you know when we can start discussing the beginning of waiting, for the first stage of stating, our rough draft preliminary thoughts? I feel valued in my busy rut. We measure forty times but never cut. Elsewhere, a genius, ruined thoroughly by meanness, runs a Kesha fan site. From my narrator's vantage, I can see the disadvantage. But, to her, she's really living life. She's important in her shallow rut. She measured twice, but then messed up the cut. Misplaced efforts malady's spread to everywhere you see. How else can you explain how we do so little with so much? Somewhere else there's a dumb guy whose dad was a less dumb guy. They, of course, were wealthy. They held the same title, took an oath on the bible. The dumbest one got to do it twice. They did damage from their privileged place. We don't have any cuts to waste. Misplaced efforts malady's spread to everywhere you see. How else can you explain how we do so little with so much?


Our 2013 EP on manic pop! records, which is no longer an active label. Order it here on vinyl or download.

EUROPEAN FRIENDS: Please order this record from The School's bandcamp rather than from us. You can save a lot on shipping since they're in Wales. Here's where you can order:


FYI, you will still get your free download of "Patricia" if your order from The School.


released June 14, 2013


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The Very Most Boise

We're an indiepop band from Boise, Idaho. Some folks think we're neat.

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